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Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist (CMPS)

So, what’s the perfect loan you ask?

Well, in the eyes of the Mortgage Lender it’s one that (a) the borrower pays back the lender and (b) pays back the lender on time. Having the perfect loan is the goal we mortgage lenders aspire to today. We want you to be in the best mortgage to suit your needs at all times.

However, the media has it all wrong – securing mortgage approval and satisfying underwriting guidelines is not difficult today as long as you have the right lender by your side.  Most of the challenges come with improper communication and not meeting the documentation requirements. It’s no longer necessary to have stellar credit and a large down payment to guarantee your loan approval.  The good news is, the fix is simple. Just let us help and guide you along the way and it will be smooth sailing from start to finish.

I have a proven reputation for putting people before profits and reputation before revenue and it shows. A significant amount of my business comes from referrals because I am committed to consistently exceeding my clients’ expectations. I spend my time taking care of your home loan and I am committed to building lifetime relationships…one person at a time.

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