have bought two houses through Aundrea and the Beach-Greco team and had outstanding service. I was informed of all progress in my house buying efforts through every step of the way. She also got me a substantially lower interest rate than we started with at our original meeting. I would recommend Aundrea to anyone who is in the market for their real estate requirements.

fbiggins1 from Las Vegas, NV

Aundrea explained all of our options and was very friendly. Truly made everything easier to understand and made us feel comfortable in asking her anything.

yeseniacorona99 from North Las Vegas, NV

First time homebuyer here. Aundrea did a great job of understanding my unique situation (self-employed) and getting the loan approved. Highly recommend. Thanks again, Aundrea!

BlackJackHustle from Las Vegas, NV

Aundrea is very hands on and works efficiently and effectively in getting you the best loan possible and approval on your loan right away. She and samantha were so responsive that the entire process was seamless. Thanks to their work ethic!

francine oakley1 from Las Vegas, NV

She was amazingly thorough, and made us feel comfortable. We needed that. She walked us through the entire process on the initial visit, so we knew exactly what to expect. I recommend her fully!

kmassner2 from Las Vegas, NV